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Our Logo Specialists have the experience to make your logo look great!  Embroidery brings a depth and dimension to your logo that is impossible to achieve in printing.  Upon viewing your embroidered logo for the first time, we hope you'll be amazed by the beauty and luster of the different color threads, and genuinely impressed with how the light reflects your logo's details.

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We guarantee you will be delighted with the way your logo looks in embroidery. If for any reason you are not, we will continue to work on it until you are pleased, or send you a full refund.  We take pride in our work.  We want you to be proud to wear your embroidered logo.

Setup Fee

All embroidered logos are measured in stitches. The bigger and more complex the logo, the longer it takes to digitize. Send us your logo and we will let you know what the set up cost is. Because we frequently receive logos designed primarily for printing and convert them to embroidery, we often need to "tweak" a logo to achieve the best results for embroidery. Our seasoned Logo Specialists will work with you to convert your printed logo into an embroidered masterpiece

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